At your convenience...

  • The local businesses you choose to use - All in one place

    The truth is, on a day-to-day basis, you don't think about your plumber often. But when your sink backs up during a dinner party, you need to get in touch with them NOW.


    Between your personal care, house, kids, pets, cars, food, groceries, etc., an average person has about four dozen local shops and services she frequents. You need these relationships accessible at your convenience.

  • Get all your stuff in one place.

    With ShopKeepur, all of your local business contacts are kept in one place. And we update your contacts with information from other websites, so when you access the information it's current.


    You'll also get their news/specials/promotions, so you don't miss out on a thing.

  • Share what you want. Keep what's private private.

    Not all of your services should have a public profile: think the 17-year old babysitter, or your neighbor who helps pet sitting when you are on vacation.


    Private information stays private. And we don't sell your information, either.

  • Connect with your service providers, day or night.

    Gone are the days where you have to wait until the morning to call your massage therapist. These are people too, so they can't answer calls around the clock.


    But you can send a text message. And their virtual assistant will tell you that your information has been received, they know who you are, they understand this is an emergency, and they'll fit you in first thing in the morning, before the salon even opens.

  • Go Discover. Get Reminded. Be Surprised.

    Press a 'discover' button to see what's around you at this moment. A food truck, a popup shop, or a store running specials.


    Drive through town and get a reminder from that bar you liked but forgot about. Remember their lychee martinis? It's time for happy hour!


    Why are people flocking to "that" place near you? Is there an event, or a new band? Spot the trend, get alerted, go check it out.

  • It's all about location, context, and your preferences. ShopKeepur helps you connect with local businesses you know, and those you want to meet.