It is personal.

  • It's about the people, and a long term relationship.

    You work, live and play in the same community. You in turn are a customer to someone else.


    So it's never about squeezing out the last dollar on the spot.


    It is about the long term relationship with your customers, built jointly over time, on the basis of trust, caring, and excellent service.

  • You are the boss.

    ShopKeepur is your virtual assistant.

  • Find more time in your day.

    ShopKeepur helps your customers help themselves with things like finding the best time for setting up an appointment or for checking their purchase and service history.


    ShopKeepur frees you from answering tedious phone calls; better yet, it is much more convenient for your customers, as they can do these things using text, Facebook messenger, email or phone, day or night, and not limited to your hours of operation.

  • Leverage Your Expertise

    ShopKeepur helps you send out reminders, prompt for the next service, and notify customers of new products and promotions suitable just for them, using your customer's preferred mode of messaging .


    ShopKeepur learns based on the customer's purchase and service history and your notations on the customer. Over time, it learns to suggest products and services the same way you would.

  • Maximize Your Reach

    Reaching new customers used to be about setting up shop in an ideal location for pedestrian and drive-by traffic. Then you put ads in the local paper and the phone book (remember those?); you run promotions; and you rely on word-of-mouth. Today, while technology has advanced, getting new customers is still about location + network + personal recommendation.

    ShopKeepur also presents your daily specials and promotional items to our community of users based on their location, context, and preferences. For example, a user who frequents massage services, sitting in a nearby coffeeshop at 2pm, will likely find your promotional facial package when she looks up for "discovery".


    Best of all, ShopKeepur makes it easy for users to refer their friends, family, and colleagues to their favorite local businesses.

  • Where the magic happens is on your side

  • You see a dashboard of your appointments, who wants what information, who’s contacted you, and who has made orders or purchased packages.