Hello #MainStreet, Meet ShopKeepur

    We are Main Street's virtual assistant.

  • With ShopKeepur, communication between customers and local businesses is a

    two-way street.

    ShopKeepur connects small businesses to their customers and gives shoppers access to their favorite local merchants. We make it easy for people to shop locally.

  • We believe that customers shop at local businesses to support their neighborhoods, to participate in the community, and to create deep personal relationships with their favorite store owners.

  • 2 Sides of the Connected Story



    The local businesses you use, all in one place

    It's all about location, context, and your preferences. ShopKeepur helps you connect with local businesses you know and those you want to meet.


    At your convenience...

    Business Owners

    Business Owners

    It's all about the long term relationship.

    Build a loyal following, grow your business, and connect with new customers.


    See how ShopKeepur helps you to maximize your time, your reach, and the impact of your expertise.